The AHORN conference (Der Alpenraum und seine Herausforderungen an ORientierung, Navigation und Informationsaustausch) that took place from 11.12. to 12.12. 2019 in Bernau am Chiemsee, Germany. Florian Albrecht held the presentation “MontEO – Fernerkundungsbasierte Beurteilung des Einflusses von Massenbewegungen auf das alpine Wanderwegenetz” (The impact of mass movements on alpine trails and huts assessed by EO data), for which an according Abstract is available, too. The talk gave an overview of the  project goals, methods and envisioned outcomes for MontEO.

The audience at AHORN was primarily from the geolocation, navigation and information technology communities. The discussed applications and technology fields included mountain rescue, skiing resorts, geohazards monitoring, transportation, autonomous driving, as well as secure navigation.