Alpine associations manage and maintain the alpine infrastructure of trails and huts and face increasing problems with mass movements that will get more severe through climate change. The project MontEO assesses the impact of mass movements on the alpine infrastructure by a multi-scale analysis of optical and SAR EO data from Sentinel-1/-2 and Pléiades (or similar) and uses mass movement modelling and simulation to support alpine infrastructure management and maintenance. The main outcomes of MontEO will be:

  • integrated information products about the presence of mass movements and mass movement hotspots, and
  • an assessment of the impact of mass movements on the alpine infrastructure, reported on the level of trail segments, trails/huts and on the alpine infrastructure of trail keepers’ work areas.

The research in MontEO involves new conceptual and methodological developments while strongly considering user needs and requirements to tackle challenges in service utilization/investigation of the market opportunity and challenges in technological development concerning methods selection and data integration for providing accurate and reliable results and methods that are transferable to other regions. The outcomes of MontEO will contribute to improved maintenance efficiency and will lead to a safer alpine infrastructure with an increased value for the tourism industry.