On 12th of August, the MontEO team went for a validation field trip to the Großarl Valley in the area of Hüttschlag. The area was identified as one of the hotspots in the study region of Großarl, Kleinarl and Bad Gastein valley when analysing the mass movement inventories from Sentinel-2 and from official sources. The team visited a rockfall area close to Karteis, a slow-moving slope at the end of the Großarl valley, and various mass movement locations in the Hubalm valley south of the village of Wolfau. The in-situ analysis of all the locations verified the MontEO mass movement inventory and the susceptibility models. Further, the team gathered valuable information about the initial results of the InSAR analysis for detecting ground motion and of the erosion susceptibility models related to runoff. Additionally, the team investigated the ability of a time series analysis of Sentinel-2 to depict the evolution of mass movements. A visiting guest researcher from the University of Timisoara joined the field trip and supported the assessment in the field with her expertise in landslide research and remote sensing.